Ultrac Vorti R (Rear)

The Ultrac Vorti R improves upon the already tremendous grip of the Ultrac Vorti. The Ultrac Vorti R Rear is available in sizes that have been specifically designed for the rear axle of the world’s most powerful cars. They include an adjusted belt angle and an even lower air ratio, with an increased focus on maintaining grip on dry surfaces (Front tires discharge most of the water on wet roads).
The Ultrac Vorti is the result of intensive cooperation between Vredestein and several renowned partners in the automotive industry. The tread was developed together with Giugiaro Design. (Giugiaro Design has aided in the conception of the world’s most exotic cars including Maseratiā„¢ and Ferrariā„¢.) The carbon accents on the sidewall and in the tread are a design feature unique to this tire.
The Ultrac Vorti R Rear is designed to be run on the rear of the vehicle and paired with the standard Ultrac Vorti R on the front axle.