Ultrac Sessanta

From the designer of some of the world’s most exotic cars comes the world’s most exotic tire!

The Ultrac Sessanta is Vredestein’s newest Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire. This tire was designed with the help of Giugiaro Design. Giugiaro Design has aided in the conception of the world’s most exotic cars including Maseratiā„¢ and Ferrariā„¢.

Innovative design and sophisticated line pattern – Excellent performance and unique, exotic appearance

Parametric design – Design and contours selected according to mathematical formula for each size

Handling Tuned Tread Compound – Extremely high tracking power, allowing faster cornering; measured correction of the car is possible while in a corner

Handling Tuned Sidewall (HTS+) with robust outer shoulders and sturdy sidewalls – Direct steering feel; optimal contact with the road surface

Two rayon carcass layers – Maximum resistance to lateral forces; the car stays under control in the most critical situations